Monday, October 30, 2017

Weight Loss Update

I am experiencing some troubling health symptoms and it is necessary that I pull my head out of the sand and take stock of what my health picture will look like in the near future if I don't take my situation seriously.

I've been making an effort to work out these past couple of weeks.  My weight loss stalled for quite a while .... didn't gain back any of the weight previously lost but didn't lose any more either.  Just stayed on a plateau.  Well, at the beginning of October I decided to make more of an effort...... and I lost 10 pounds this month.  And not without working up a regular sweat either! 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are gym days.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are usually walking days.  Sometimes, I will miss the Saturday if the spouse isn't around because that is the day I go walking with him.  Sunday is the 'day off', but I normally putter around the garden so ..... still keeping moving.

As I am also a compulsive type, I have given over to cleaning the house from top to bottom far more than is necessary.  It helps to burn calories, I say.  I usually keep my OCD in check with the cleaning because I have driven my family members crazy in the past but .... all the kids are gone and the spouse is at work all day so I just have at it now.  If I want to clean the effing bathrooms every day, I will.

I am working from being a hoarder to becoming a minimalist.  My anxiety is triggered by having too much stuff around me and so I am aiming for hotel room/showroom aesthetics.  I also want to be able to move out of this house in one morning or to do a moonlight flit when the time comes.  I also don't want to leave a bunch of shit behind for my kids or spouse to have to clean up.  It is/was my mess and therefore, it is my responsibility to get rid of it.  My kids don't want any of this random stuff.  Yes, I am sure they will take the sofas, the TVs and the dining room table, not to mention the items in the fully stocked kitchen .... it's all stuff that has a good use.  But I'm sure they don't want out-of-style clothing, old DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes, or smelly candles/generic wall art/electric hair curlers.

I've been really busy cleaning, decluttering and burning calories.  It is a job without end it seems and usually I get quite sweaty at my travails.

I am at the lowest weight in years ..... which is to say, 207.  For my height, I am no longer obese, merely overweight.  I have been categorized as obese for years, however, which is not a good situation.  I have teetered on 250 in the not so distant past but I find it impossible to gain more than that.  250 seems (thankfully) to be a weight I cannot attain.  I guess I've never eaten enough to gain into the 250s and beyond.  There's the silver lining.

I am also trying intermittent fasting.  I like it.  My body likes it.  I am finding that hunger is quite well controlled while IF, no crazy sugar crashes because ..... sugar is a toxic substance.  When I eat sugar, I overeat.  Plain and simple.  My blood sugar goes haywire and I find myself constantly stuffing my face.  When sugar is cut out, weight loss is easier.  Duh.  Why does it always take me so damn long to figure this stuff out??

I will continue with my weight loss plans throughout November.  We have our usual family Thanksgiving dinner to prepare but this year, it will be vegetarian.  Many family members are cutting meat from their diets so I aim to please by not cooking a turkey or a ham this year.  We have prepared vegetarian TG dinners in the past and I am happy to get back to that ..... I find it easier overall to prepare the meal and clean up afterwards and I am all about ease and low hassle these days.

My goal is to weigh less than 200 pounds by the end of November which is a weight I haven't seen since 1996.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!! I'd bet my life savings on it!! You've overcome so many HUGE issues, you got this, girl! I'm cheering you on from here in AZ! If you want, you can walk on over & we can hike Camelback Mountain together!! ha ha Kidding. I do like walking & biking here in our community. Swimming, too! I should be better at doing weights, though.

  2. Merry Christmas, Quest!! Hope all is well - thinking of you & hubby!! :-)

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  4. Quest!! How are you & hubby doing? Been thinking of you & hoping you are both well & happy. ((hugs))

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  6. Hi Susie Q and Revanche! I just left a comment on your blog, Revanche, so it's nice to see that you dropped by here. Susie, One of these days I might just take you up on that Camelback Mountain hike :D

    I've been absent from this blog, even though I wanted to write some updates. The past 6 months have been tumultuous. My mother died, my father tried to off himself, I fell out with multiple UK family members, there have been marriages and births, more deaths ..... just a never ending treadmill of events.

    The spouse is doing well after his major heart surgery, my weight is down to 177 pounds, and we are contemplating selling our house but it is turning out to be not as easy as I thought it would be. I am way too attached to this place.

    I'll start writing again soon LOL Thanks for checking up on me x Hope life is treating you kindly.

  7. Good to hear from you! I'm so sorry there's been so much tumult in the past several months, I worried a bit that that was the reason you were kept away. Hoping for calm and peace in your lives soon, a full recovery for your spouse, and continual progress for your health!

  8. Oh wow. You have had a lot going on!! I am just glad to hear that both you & hubby are doing well. Sorry to hear about your mom....& your dad. Never easy dealing with family issues no matter what's happening.
    I can't wait till things settle back down for you & you have time to catch us up. You're doing better than I am at the weight loss - I'm still heavier than you are! :-( I think of you often - you're my favorite blogger, so looking forward to your return! Miss you! :-)

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  13. How are you & hubby doing, Quest? Hope all is well!

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