Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Update: Mortgage, Retirement, Overnight Stays and Vandals

I paid the mortgage this morning.  Balance now sits at a tad over $55,000.  Exactly 2 years ago, the mortgage balance was a tad over $80,000 so there's progress.

The spouse has had a shite day at work.  He called me to complain about his new boss and threatened to submit his retirement paperwork right now, this minute.  After bending my ear for 15 minutes, he agreed to wait until we talked it over this evening.  He needs to see the new monthly balances and projected financial outlay over the next 6 months at the very least, before quitting his high paying government job.  He makes a lot of money.  We will not be generating anywhere near this amount in retirement.  Enough to live on for sure, but not enough to pay down debt and we are still getting out from under the costs associated with 4 kids' college educations.  6 more weeks and college will be a thing of the past for us.  Honestly, I can't wait.

I went on an overnight trip and took my portable cooking range, ice chest and kettle with me along with all the food for 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner and a snack or four.  I have a state license in a certain industry and needed to renew my license.  Part of that renewal included sitting through a seminar/orientation which was a complete waste of my time and money.  While I was attending the seminar, my car was vandalized in the parking lot.  I had stupidly left some electronics out in plain sight on the front and back seats, despite the fact that the seminar was held in a grotty hotel in an equally grotty and high crime part of downtown Los Angeles.  So, I asked for it.  I should've locked everything away in the trunk.  The perpetrator tried to open my passenger door with something or other and damaged the window mechanism and the door handle.  Now, I can't either put down the window or open the passenger side door.  I have booked the car in for repair so that is going to cost me something in the region of $350-500 according to the dealership.  Great.

The overnight trial run of taking along my own cooking equipment and food was a great success.  I took all my food from home, which I would've eaten anyway if I'd been at home, and spent exactly ZERO on food and drink while away.  I made my own coffees and cooked all my food in the hotel room so I now know that our 10 day trip will be just fine.  I realized that I needed a power strip and 2 extension cords so I will be packing those along with the cooking equipment for next time.

We are 7 days into February.  My fiscal month began on January 28th.  I had 5 no-spend-days in the first week and here in the second week, I will have another 5 no-spend-days.  That will be a total of 10 no-spend-days out of 14.  Not bad.  On the spending days, I only bought groceries, gas, a bag of dog food, the portable range, some ramekins for home cooking, and paid for a hotel room.  I also paid our household bills.  Other than that, no other spending.

I have to make up for a $3000 medical bill and, now, car repairs.  So, I am thinking that I will for sure just make this a year long challenge of spending as little as possible.

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