Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday: Hotel Room Cooking and Other Stuff

We got hit with a $3000 medical bill so I will be tightening the belt even more over the next 6 months to compensate.  I've set a $100 a month budget each for Amazon and Target.  This is where most of our household shopping is done and I need to set a strict spending limit.

And in the next breath ...

I just purchased a Black & Decker DB1002B Double-Burner Portable Buffet Range in Black from Amazon.  This gizmo will be coming with me this week on an overnight hotel stay/trial run, as well as along for the ride when we take off in April for an already booked and paid for 10-day trip.  Some people might say that taking my own 'stove top', frying pan, saucepans, utensils, etc is overkill and OTT but to them I say ..... I have lived and indulged PLENTY and now have no qualms about cooking beans in a hotel room.  This is new territory for us and the spouse is in two minds about the feasibility of hotel room cuisine, but willing to entertain my battiness.  What more could I ask for?  I'm working on equipment list, menu and food storage.  This could be fun!

I was thinking about increasing the monthly mortgage payment to $1500/month but have decided against it.  The balance will be in the $40,000s by the end of this year anyway so I think we will just slog along with our regular monthly payment and bank that extra money that would've gone towards paying the mortgage off early.  It doesn't make that much of a difference to us at this point.

I was going to pay off Capital One's $4000 credit card bill in 4 payments of $1000 but nixed that idea too.  This bill is the result of college expenses.  I think I will just pay the monthly amount due + a bit extra towards principal and leave it at that for now. I would rather have the extra money in the bank account.  I also perversely want to have this bill 'hanging over my head' as a reminder that I HATE credit card debt and that it is always in our best interests not to incur it in the first place.   Two more months of college and then the kid graduates and we are FREE from college expenses forever (I hope)!!

Everything else is going along swimmingly at the moment. I made a chicken pot pie for the first time ever for dinner and it was so tasty.  A recipe keeper.


  1. I think the portable cooktop is a great idea! We love to make grilled sandwiches - how easy would that be?!? Get your bread, soft butter, cheese & meat, and maybe some potato salad or coleslaw and you're good to go! So innovative, aren't we?! :-) It will definitely pay for itself in saving on eating out!

  2. @Anon ~ The portable range will pay for itself in one use I think :) I had never given any thought to cooking our meals in a hotel room before but I know lots of people do it ... so I'm joining the crowd! Will post a report of how this goes.

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