Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday: Keeping Warm

I'm coming to the realization that I'm not as indefatigable as I once was.  Just lately, I've been a little short of breath and I feel like I'm having heart palpitations.  Google tells me that stress and anxiety are major factors with palpitations, albeit not the only factors of course, so I'm going to go with that diagnosis until/unless I feel that these symptoms are 'more'.

A couple of our aging pets aren't doing well either.  The dog and one of the cats are getting up there in years and showing signs of old animal age.  I hope they'll be around for another few years but that will be the extent of it at best.

It's getting really cold here at night and my house is a barn.  High ceilings, open plan.  I have hung heavy velvet curtains at the door as I always do every winter I've been living here.  Those curtains have really helped to keep the cold out.  The double front doors are heavy wood and original to the house.  I don't want to replace them so I plan to have them rehung and weather stripped in the spring.  There's plenty of life in those doors yet.

At the windows, I have hung thermal black out curtains in a really nice silk wine colored fabric.  The windows have all been replaced but they are big windows, and not the sort of windows one would usually see in the eco friendly houses that are being built these days.  I mean, one might see one double paned picture window in the newer houses but not 4!!  Never mind the huge sliding door that runs along half the back of the house.  I have thermal curtains hung there as well.  Just ordered a new set for the slider (two huge curtain panels) so that I can use the other panels elsewhere around the house.  I cannot keep turning the furnace on, even though it is new and the most energy efficient model on the market.

I sit on the sofa with the spouse, wearing a fleecy robe, a thermal undershirt, socks, wrapped in a blanket.  This house gets cold despite the measures I've taken to try to keep some of the heat in.  Tonight we are below freezing.  At night, we sleep in flannel sheets with a heavy duty duvet on the bed with 2 hot water bottles!  Ever since I read that hairdryers and electric blankets are linked to leukemia, I haven't had those items in the house in years.  I'm sure an electric blanket would be lovely.  But.

In other news, I have decided to downsize Xmas even more than I have already.  I am sending cards to only a handful of friends and family.  I have set a dollar limit on gifts and will not exceed that dollar limit.  Instead of rushing around knackering myself on Xmas Day, making a big dinner for the family, I am organizing the meal for the evening of the 23rd so that everyone can go off and spend Xmas Day how they would like.  They don't need to feel that they have to be here with me and the spouse.  My kids' situations have changed and there are significant others + family to consider now.  Also, I dislike how commercialized Xmas has become and how obligated everyone seems to feel.  Thanksgiving is our big holiday dinner and we're all fine with that.  Another 'big' day just a month following Thanksgiving has become too much for me to take on.  If someone else in the family wants to put on the big dinner that the spouse and I just show up for then that would be super! 

No Bah Humbug here, just reality.


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