Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cheap Xmas: Thinking Ahead

Weight, like credit card debt I have found, is extremely difficult to lose once acquired.  It takes determination, willpower, focus and patience.

My weight is moving downward.  I have recovered from The Virus and I am forging new habits.  Someone once told me that the first 2 weeks of any dietary change involving caloric restriction are the hardest weeks.  I would say that's about right but I had a head start because for the first week of my attempt to reduce caloric intake, I couldn't eat anyway.  Result.  We'll see where this leads.

As for Xmas, this has been the cheapest Xmas I've ever experienced.  I have spent hardly any money at all.  We are partaking in Secret Santa and buying only for the youngest members of the family, as you do.  I set a budget of $100 and stayed within that budget.

I'm using my faithful plastic Xmas tree (which isn't even up yet) and I only sent cards to a handful of people.  I am cooking a light dinner a couple of days before The Day in order to free up everyone to do what they like on Sunday and our Sunday dinner will involve about 4 people max and we'll have chicken.  I just don't want to do another big dinner, truth be told.  The prep and clean up are massive and Thanksgiving Day is enough for me.

I am setting healthy boundaries for myself and I am apologizing to no one.  If I don't want to do something, I won't.  If my gut feeling tells me that something ~ anything ~ is a bad idea, I'm running for the hills.  I don't care who is offended or who cannot/will not understand my position.  Moving forward, my hope is that I can listen to my gut more and have the self confidence to go with what it's telling me.  Many times this past year, for example, I have found myself at social gatherings that my gut told me were a mistake and which indeed did turn out to be events that I wish I'd avoided altogether.  2017 will be my year to start saying NO to anything I think is a bad idea.

And that includes any notion of a return visit to England.  Ain't gonna happen.


  1. Good for you! I've gotten to that point, too. About just saying "NO!" or not doing anything I don't feel like doing. This leans towards my in-laws. After hubby lost BOTH his parents this past year, his one brother was asking what his inheritance was while as they were sitting bedside, before she even died. WTF?!? I am just disgusted with the brothers & their behavior towards my husband while he was settling the estate, that I'm just about done with them. I told him that I would never keep him from his family, but I don't have much desire to spend much time with them anymore now that his parents are gone. People like that just disgust me, and I don't hide my feelings well.

    Hope you get to have your relaxing, quiet holiday! 2017 sounds like it's going to be a good one for you!! :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. @Anon ~ Wow, what is it with so called family members and inheritances?? My sister has schemed and planned to walk away with every stick of furniture and every penny my parents possess. I wish I could say that I'd never seen greed like that before but I would be lying. The spouse's brothers sound just like your husband's. We no longer have much to do with the spouse's brothers because of their actions when their mother died. Sorry to read that you've had your problems with family too over money. It's as though all common sense and respect goes out the window as those greedy b*stards in the family lose their minds over $$$

    I think we just have to go with our gut feelings about things as we strive for a peaceful life free from added burdens and stress. The spouse is much better at compartmentalizing than me and he is happier for it. It's a trick that I need to learn :)

    Hope you had a nice Christmas ..... ours was very very low key and we liked it!!

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