Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cleaning and Selling

So.  I have been busy cleaning and photographing clothing, furniture and other items.  I have made a nice sum on Craigslist selling my stuff.  Of the 5 bedrooms, 3 of the closets are completely empty as are the bedrooms, save for the beds and side tables.  Everything else is gone and these items will go too next year, once we are absolutely certain that selling this house is wise.

We are having a few thoughts regarding the house sale.  One of our kids has moved into an incredibly expensive area and the house prices and rents there are sobering.  I don't see how people who are moving to that region today are affording to live there.  Families are doubling up to save money but people are also fleeing the area as well, done in by the high cost of living.

My house is, for all intents and purposes, paid off.  I can take money from our investment account and pay this house off tomorrow.  We are located in a nice neighborhood on a neat and well maintained street.  However, we are also located directly on an earthquake fault line and every so often, the house jumps.  One big earthquake, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity could be swallowed up by the ground.  This fact alone should be enough to force the house sale.

The problem is, everywhere we go the house prices and the rents are too high.  I can't imagine that we'd ever be able to afford to buy another house here in California unless it was located out in the boonies and I don't fancy that.  I guess I'm afraid that the RV plan may not work out and I'm going to be sleepless in Seattle, wishing that I had a stable place to call home.

We may rent our house out for a year just to be sure that we'll be OK out on the road, to be sure that this is what we really want.


  1. That's a really good idea - to rent your home to make sure RV-ing is what you really want to do, and that it will be as you imagine. Having the house to go back to will bring you piece of mind/comfort in the event Rv-ing turns out to be unpleasant! Hoping that's not the case - but you never know!

  2. @Susie Q ~ We are getting older but we aren't THAT old but even so .... security is definitely more top of mind than it ever used to be. I love my house and really don't want to sell it unless I know we've done the right thing in deliberately making ourselves homeless! I have a renter in mind.

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