Sunday, July 24, 2016

Taking Stock

Day 2

I have spent some time today taking stock of the general state of affairs.

We have a 5 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms and a generous amount of square footage.   The floor plan is open, modern and desirable ..... we are not anticipating any difficulty in selling this place.  I will be hiring an appraiser to give us a proper written report with recommendations because I plan on listing the house for sale myself.  I am a licensed real estate broker so I will put the house up for sale on the local MLS and pay 3% commission to the selling agent, thus saving myself a nice wedge of money.

The house itself is in great shape.  We have made all sorts of improvements and it is a turn key deal.

My goal this week is to empty out the entire upstairs, save for the beds and the linen closets.  I just want to get all the closets in the bedrooms emptied out and the stuff sorted.  I have already started on this project and I am not pleased at the amount of stuff I still have.  The situation is not bad ~ I have certainly seen worse within these 4 walls (and the walls that came before this).  I made a pledge to stop shopping and I have largely stuck to that pledge.  I have still bought more clothes than I can possibly wear and I'm annoyed about that but I have no problem in telling myself that I cannot buy any more.  It will certainly be a waste of money if I do buy more clothing.

All the bedrooms need a complete paint job ~ ceilings, walls and baseboards.  Had I been planning on staying in this house, I would've put laminate flooring in all of the bedrooms but, seeing as how I am selling up, I will put new carpeting throughout instead.

I love this house but I can't stay here in this desert outpost.  It is time to move and time to do something more with our lives before *** CLICHE ALERT!!***  it's too late.


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