Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Evening

I want to post more regularly.  Often, life gets in the way.

Family business has eaten up a whole week but it's all been 'good' business.  One of my adult kids begins medical school tomorrow, hundreds of miles away, so we've been busy sorting stuff, moving stuff, taking care of business.  I spent the weekend with the spouse in the university town in question, but it was more work than play and I'm glad to be home now.

I used to really enjoy blogging but I lost my interest in the process.  I had a lot to get off my chest back then.  These days, my life is linear and planned as opposed to helter skelter and directionless.  It took a long while to get to this stage in my life and I am pleased to say (to those people who may recognize me from my old Quest blog in which I moaned continuously about the sad state of my life and finances) that I let go and let .... my vision clear.

I've had some serious good luck along the way and the spouse and I have built up quite a substantial nest egg.  From once being steps away from the streets, with a young family, in debt, bankrupt, a spendaholic .... we now have options that we have worked hard for.  It has taken almost 8 years to get here, 8 years to change a mind set which is almost right where I need it to be.

I still have serious family problems.  Cat never kicked the drug habit and is estranged from us all.  As I type this, she is living in a garage in the desert, a victim of her own choices, an unwelcome guest for the family who also house her latest bum boyfriend.  I hope that she, like me, will wake up and realize that she MUST change if she is to survive.  Otherwise, I fully anticipate a sad ending to her life. I have advised the spouse to try to prepare for it.  He is the one who will have to make the morgue trip, not I, for it will finish me.  I have put myself back together over the years for the sake of my family and one more traumatic event will blow me apart.  I have made my peace with Cat.  Her erratic behavior proved to be far too much for any of us to handle.  She is probably bipolar but refused treatment, therapy or meds when it was offered to her.  As sad as it is to write, we are all better off with Cat out of our lives ... unless we are truly able to help her.  If she will ALLOW us to help her.  Mental illness SUCKS.

Tomorrow is August 1st.  My plan is to begin to completely clear out and clean up the upstairs part of my house.  I need to go through my closet, sell furniture, paint, clean the bathrooms, clear out all closets and get TOUGH with my stuff.  I don't have much left but still there are remnants from past lives and the things that I love that I never wanted to part with.  I tell myself that it is just stuff, that the memories are not the stuff itself, and that I will not miss it when it's gone because that has absolutely been the case every other time I have donated items.  I don't miss them once they are gone.  Thank goodness for that.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Taking Stock

Day 2

I have spent some time today taking stock of the general state of affairs.

We have a 5 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms and a generous amount of square footage.   The floor plan is open, modern and desirable ..... we are not anticipating any difficulty in selling this place.  I will be hiring an appraiser to give us a proper written report with recommendations because I plan on listing the house for sale myself.  I am a licensed real estate broker so I will put the house up for sale on the local MLS and pay 3% commission to the selling agent, thus saving myself a nice wedge of money.

The house itself is in great shape.  We have made all sorts of improvements and it is a turn key deal.

My goal this week is to empty out the entire upstairs, save for the beds and the linen closets.  I just want to get all the closets in the bedrooms emptied out and the stuff sorted.  I have already started on this project and I am not pleased at the amount of stuff I still have.  The situation is not bad ~ I have certainly seen worse within these 4 walls (and the walls that came before this).  I made a pledge to stop shopping and I have largely stuck to that pledge.  I have still bought more clothes than I can possibly wear and I'm annoyed about that but I have no problem in telling myself that I cannot buy any more.  It will certainly be a waste of money if I do buy more clothing.

All the bedrooms need a complete paint job ~ ceilings, walls and baseboards.  Had I been planning on staying in this house, I would've put laminate flooring in all of the bedrooms but, seeing as how I am selling up, I will put new carpeting throughout instead.

I love this house but I can't stay here in this desert outpost.  It is time to move and time to do something more with our lives before *** CLICHE ALERT!!***  it's too late.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

And So It Begins ..... Under A Cloud Of Smoke

Day 1

It's a very smoky day here in Southern California.  A huge wildfire has been burning out of control for the past 24 hours and the sky is a strange hue of orangish-brown, partially blocking out the sun.  The sun itself looks to be neon orange, a beautiful shade were it not for the cause.  I and my entire family are holed up inside the house with the air conditioner blasting for the first time this summer.  It is 107 degrees outside and we feel as though we are under a heat lamp.  The air is poisonous.

*** *** ***

I have taken some months off blogging.  I used to write at a different blog for a time but then had to go off the radar because my writings were discovered by family members despite my attempts to keep my ramblings private.  Well, here I am again because I want to document this, my final year of living under a roof in a fixed abode.  My spouse and I are going out on the road next year.  We plan to be out for 10 years or more.  Having lived the RV lifestyle some years ago, I am already well aware of what it is that I am getting myself into.  I loved the ease of RV living then, I'm sure I will love it now.

*** *** ***

I plan to document the process of selling off all of our stuff, repairing and cleaning the house, selling the house, and moving the one adult child who still lives with us out and into his own place.  The goal is to be on the road by this same time next year.

Much has happened since the last time I blogged ...... as we move through the course of the next year, I will fill in some blanks.